Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Baby...

Today my baby boy turned 25.   I am not sure where the time has gone...but it has gone!    He has teased others about being half way to AARP when they hit 25 and now he is there.  In fact they even sent him an AARP card.   I think back of when I was 25 (yes I can remember that far) and while I think of it as young...he thinks of it as getting old!

I am so blessed to have the kids that I do and so proud of them in their own unique individual ways.   I miss getting to see Lance for his birthday but I tried to contact him at least 25 times today with different modes of communication...so I am sure he is thankful that I am not there in person as well!

We celebrated his birthday over the weekend...but still doesn't seem like it has been 25 years since he was born!    Thanks for the journey son!   I love you!

Happy Birthday Lance!


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