Sunday, February 8, 2015

Little eyes...

Yesterday I took in a baby shower for one of my special kids...but while of the girls who my daughter went to school with...played ball with...we spent time with...who I have bonded with much in the loss of her mother...I have watched her grow and become a loving mother who brought her boys with her.   However, the oldest sporting a police uniform with hat included seemed to captivate me and my camera.   A very official looking he just captured your eye.

For those of you who know me...I hold a special love for many of those "in blue" as losing the daddy of my first grandchild who loved wearing the blue...I have seen more sides of them all.    The side that is daddy's...the sides that let off steam...the side that gives up time off...I think of "Jay Bird"...and one of my memories of him and I suppose I have told it before...but one time stopping by on his day off...Heather at work...and I picking something up or not even sure what.    But as I get ready to leave...we see a little baby just crawling across the parent or guardian in sight.    And Jay goes and picks that baby up and he seems to have an idea where the baby might have came from...and it hits me in times like these...of how many little ones they come in contact in their life.   How letters after his death from little of how nice he was to them when his mom or dad went to jail.   I think of the things these officers see...but also how closely they are watched.

So when I snap a picture from behind...I seem to have a saying to accompany...

And I have much thought on why these words seem to resonate with me...I know police aren't perfect and I do not try to hold them up in a place of saint hood.   They are just men and women...but they are put in a light and held to a high standard because these guys have taken on a vow to serve and be the good though we all need to think of little eyes watching us...and they watch closely...these guys are often watched closer...looked up to...criticized more often.

I think how most officers that I is important to them what these little ones think...what their own children think...of how they touch little lives.  I look at this picture...this little guy has uncles in law enforcement...and so I stop and give thanks for these that choose this route...I think of how the little ones with little eyes watch us all...and what impacts we make on their lives...without even knowing.   So I do not just pick on the blue...but I think of all of us...little eyes are watching you...


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