Friday, February 27, 2015

B-bop Birthday Blog...BELATED

And sometimes you think you are way ahead of the game.... though behind!  I had it in my head that today was my niece Bethany's birthday!  Actually thought I would see her before her birthday as she is a new mama... making me a GREAT aunt!  And though weather delayed the trip and a confused mind delayed the wishes... I hope you know how special you are!

My first memory of you was my dad holding you in the hospital when he was fighting to live.  You were such good medicine!  You still have a gift of brightening a day.  I find a pic... one of my favorites of your wedding video...

Then before we knew we blinked and he came and stole our Princess' heart...

And so I took a little liberty with the pic and am wondering if you really knew what love was until another little precious guy came into your life and you went from being a Princess and became Lane's mama bear!

So Happy Birthday B-Bop can't wait to tell you in person...and will try to remember next year!


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