Thursday, January 31, 2013

Honor sometimes comes with pizza

So I just got off the phone a little bit ago talking to one little Firecracker's mama.  Turns out Miss Izzy has an ear infection.  And when she woke up she wanted pizza...well her mom didn't want to take her out in the cold...and Izzy does get this love of pizza honest...sometimes her and her daddy just needed pizza.   

And so...Heather says did you know they deliver Flying J pizza?   And I said who Jake?   Jake is just one of those guys...and I think about when he came to Limon...I was glad that another young guy was coming on the force...and then found out he also had an AMY...I had thought of how he and Jay were similar build and enough resemblance that some would mistake them.   But they seemed to click...

I remember some of the first times I was around Jake and Amy...Jay and Izzy were trying to get a puppy...but there is this picture that I took (Yes Jake I think I have been getting pics of you for a long time!)  and I find it in here and I look at the expression of these two...and I thought then...oh these two could be trouble...

And sure enough flash forward and I steal a picture...of these two giving the "stank eye" on one of their nights out to dinner...last night I tried calling her and all I got was that she was at dinner with Jake!
But I had posted a picture of Jake at Jay's memorial...but I thought you know sometimes you can't show honor for one of your "brothers" any more than delivering pizza to his little girl...We are so blessed to have a Jake and Amy in our lives...thank you for being the special friends that you are!
And Jake is probably saying there goes that crazy old woman who has way too many pictures of me...but you are a special one Jake Herrera.  Thank you!

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