Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Josh....Happy New Year!...Wambalam

I ran into some technical day late and dollar short!  Tried uploading before midnight last night...

Okay Josh so I missed your birthday even here...but in California it is still your birthday...where your mom is it still is your birthday right!   After all BIRTH day...your mom should get some credit here...especially with you off in Afghanistan!!!

So I decided to combine some of the HIGHlights of the year...and decided this would be a fun one to start with!   Josh and Bethany's wedding!   Now for those who did not know...this is the song that Bethany chose to dance their father and daughter dance with my favorite brother Shane to...I LOVED IT!!!   I loved the energy when these two hit the dance floor.

So I decided to add some of the FUN pics and try my hand at some new sort of movie maker software...though my skills aren't much...had some amazing subjects!   I must say this was a fun wedding...right at Thanksgiving time...and quite the sendoff for the groom the next day!   Love you guys and hope you don't mind!   So the pictures are much clearer not on YouTube...but guess they are too big so you get the jest...and you have the clearer pictures.   2012...this was one of the blessings and many of the people I am thankful for!   God Bless!


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