Tuesday, January 8, 2013

65 Years....Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad Pfeiff

So 65 years ago...a little over an hour ago...(well from when I started working on this but I may have gotten distracted)...

Roy and Ruth Larrew
Frank (Sr.) and Maude Pfeiff
Request your presence at the marriage of their children
Joyce Elaine Larrew
Frank Roy Pfeiff Jr.
to be wed
Thursday, January 8, 1948
7:00 p.m.
in Fowler, Colorado (I think)
Wow 65 years as man and wife...and seven kids later...17 grandchildren...22 great grandchildren (if there is any discrepancy...the shepherd counted!) and one great-great with others on the way...
Talk about your quiver full...
We went to lunch today at the Tamarack in downtown well out of town Fowler, Colorado.   Enjoyed the food AND THE FELLOWSHIP!   How I love Grandpa's words of wisdom...the other day he tells me when I told him when I had said we lost a nanny goat...he says well if you got them you are going to lose them...if you don't then you won't!   Now ain't that the truth!!!    Thanks for your words I think it applies in many areas...and must say glad we got you two!
We are blessed to have these two and thankful that they are as active as they are.   I hope you had fun playing cards and maybe reading on the old Kindle or playing on the computer...who would have thought of doing such things!   We talked today of days of how laundry was done...how changing beds took up most of the day.j..how times have changed.   How 65 years ago it was around 72 degrees or so...  
I asked why they were married so late in the day...SO they could get chores done?  The answer yes.  I asked about the honeymoon...and then told Grandpa did you say HONEY there's the moon now lets get to bed we got milking to do!   That's pretty much how it went.   In that little house west of the old home place...where Grandma Pfeiff could see whether the new bride had laundry on the line or not.  I think that must be where the shepherd gets his eye sight from...
I decide to throw in some pictures...and say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY...Frank and Joyce...Mom and Dad...Grandpa and Grandma...the Great Grands...we pray that God bless you and keep you!
Well I tried adding pictures and it wouldn't let me tonight...guess I'll try another time...lyp   (So this morning I may have been able to sneak some on in video???)   Happy day :)  lyp


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