Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Blog to my favorite daughter...

So I had thought being the shepherds nurse I would have all kinds of blogs up and going...so now I just have a bunch started...and nothing finished....go figure...I know so out of character...But I decide to work on this one first...My daughter Heather turns 29 today...and it seems only yesterday yet a lifetime ago...I remember a beautiful little perfect purple baby girl...and the joy in my heart...and I didn't think I could love anything more...of her dad looking at her with a tear in his eye and saying he would have to some day give her away...and perhaps then he knew something of giving her away that he didn't even know...

But some may think I am prejudice and if I am...so be it...but I think I have one of the most amazing daughters!    She reminds me in different ways of my mom with a little bit of this and than thrown in making her her very own unique person!   I watch her as a mama...as a professional...as a friend...and I am so proud of her!!  

I have watched how she has handled the last year plus and just watch her...and say thank goodness she didn't take too much after her mom...I laugh with a tear at the picture she shared today...IZZY'S FIRST FISH!!   I love that Izzy is wearing a princess t-shirt and blue nail polish...but wearing her cammo pants and holding the fish...and preferring that no one brush her hair and if they did...one wouldn't be able to tell...but I laugh and think her dad would be loving that his baby girl celebrated mom's birthday by fishing!!  

As we couldn't be with Heather on her birthday we had a party on Sunday...well it started out because Alex was going to help Lance get "shepherd stuff" done.    I had thought Heather and Izzy were coming for the day...so thought we could do birthday too...So thanks Lance, Alex, and Brendon...for working on the well.  Sure glad it didn't quit on my watch!!  

Anyway got a pic with a cake made by cousin Keri...and I had a 2 and a 9...to which Izzy thought was edible and took a bite off the end...did I say I love th at girl...actually love these two girls...blowing out the candles...and I can hear Isabel in a loud voice singing to her mom as she rocked her HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MOMMMMMMMMA...

I have had this going off and on all day...but hey I have until 11:39...I am not sure I will make that tonight...So I say Happy Birthday Heather...Thank you for being the Great daughter that you are...I hope you had a good birthday dinner with the "boys"...God bless you and keep you!!


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  1. You do have a very "special" daughter who makes us all proud as we have watched her grow, especially this last year plus! Wow, can't believe that she is 29! Emily will be 30 in July. She was born at 11:34 and I usually don't make that either! Please pass on "Belated Happy Birthday" wishes from all of us!