Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Soooo it has been a few days since I have been on  here...but I had a good excuse...IT WAS THE SHEPHERD'S FAULT!!   Well I can't so much say that as it was a nasty old I know I have already set myself up once with this one!!!

So last Friday was going to be my Firecracker Flex Friday...but her daddy was off...and Tim had a job he was finishing up and the weather wasn't real great and we all know how much fuel is per I decided I could stay home and make "rounds"...(I think maybe I should have a stethoscope and white coat--I am laughing thinking how long that would stay white!!)     Anyway because of this sacrifice on my part...I was rewarded.   It turned out that a guy Tim was working with was going to Denver and said I could hitch a ride to Limon.   And Lance would be coming through that night so I could hitch back home.    SCORE!!!   

Well we find out through Lance that his dad had been kicked by a heifer...Had I heard it from that really isn't how the shepherd rolls!    So I call him and say how's it going.   He says okay.   I say is there anything you want to tell me.    So then he says my son "ratted me out"!   Well at this point I really am not sure how much pain he is in because those who know Tim know he can tolerate quite a bit of pain.   He says go ahead and eat up there but the heifer that kicked him is due to calve so he might need some help.   Still really doesn't say alot about how bad.    So we eat "dinner" (this is a topic of debate depending on age and environment as to what meal is dinner) so I will say supper....even though Izzy and I shared breakfast!!

My "favorite" son-in-law decides that since they are both off on Saturday that they will come down as well on Friday night and help out.   I must say that gestures such as this touch a mother's heart when her kids say we will be there for you.   So we all head off in the fog for home sweet home!   By the time that the "girls" ride gets there, the guys are all out in the barn.   So Izzy and I go in and watch on the "lamb cam".   She can see her P-pa and is not impressed that he is hanging around out there and not coming in.   To which she yells at the tv, "POP!   POP!   and then motions for him to come here.   To which P-pa  hasn't acknowledged seeing her through the she shakes her fist to give him a "knuckle sandwich".

The shepherd comes in and is not getting around very good and you can tell by his eyes that he is hurting.  Needless to say he didn't get a lot of sleep but does in fact get into the chiropractor the next day.   The "doc" recommends crutches, ice, and staying off of it after he works on trying to get it back in place.    Well this is devastating news to the shepherd as he wanted the knee fixed so that he could run on down to Reid's bull sale!   Those who don't know the shepherd as well must realize that auctions and auctions + buying could be one of his favorite things to do.   But he says that Lance will have to do it.   This gesture is another of family bonds and trusting that touches me.   And there is no doubt in the shepherd's mind that his son won't do a good's just missing out on one of his favorite things!    So off the kids go to the sale...leaving Firecracker and I to look out for P-pa and watch over the "birthing center."  

Sunday morning comes and the shepherd and I head back to the "doc" for more work.   I am not sure I mentioned that the knee was probably double regular size...however, it is also his "bad" knee so it is swelled up already.   Tim has a Ford truck that is working towards 400,000 miles...I think of him as putting that wear and tear on his body as well!    The time at the "doc" was a time I will always of those of feeling the power of God and miracles.   I know some of you doubt this but if you could have seen the guy coming out of the back and how much better he might understand and believe.   Truly a lesson in faith and all things working together for good.   As the kick and conditions might actually help in some of the process of working on his knee.   (To which comes the part where I set myself up in saying sometimes God uses a nasty old heifer...and my daughter started laughing and pointed at me!   CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!!)

Also, Sunday we head down to do some work at the cows and of course check out the new bull!   Firecracker LOVES this and I laughed so hard at how she would try to imitate the cows sounds.  

Decked out in her cammo future hunting princess cap.
 And how she might be a little wild and crazy on standing on the fence!!   Definitely one of those days that you pack away and put in your heart.   Because days like that are precious!   

Moving around some WILD cows!

Uncle "LaLa" has my hat but by have the stick!

So enjoyed the kids for the weekend and then sent them on their way saying, "we can handle it!"   But this leaves me on rounds for the middle of the night shift!   There is something about waking up in your sleep, changing clothes, going out in the cool of the night...that makes one realize how much they take for granted the other nights.   I get out to the barn and go in and there is a baby lamb standing up with mama right there standing and taking care of it!   (What is so hard about all this birthing baby stuff!)  I forget that I am being viewed on the "lamb cam" as I carry the lamb with mama following behind to their own private "jug".   The shepherd gets a laugh out of me trying to locate the wire to shut the gate.   But I return to the house and we watch television to see if this mama might have another baby.   So it is not long and the shepherd decides that he needs to go check!   I am surprised he made it as long as he did...we go out with him on crutches and he checks the ewe and then decides another one needs to be locked up to watch closer.   Well I have an equation that came out of this exercise {shepherd chasing sheep + crutches = dangerous} at least for those sheep that think they can run around him and don't realize what his reach now is!  

So then BACK to bed, catch a few winks, and then time to go out and do chores.   Well the shepherd is going to go along and tell me what to do.   Another one of those if  you know him, know that is a difficult task for him to just watch.   We make it through chores and I go and get ready for work and Grandpa comes to pick him up to go check cows!   They go and take care of all of that and Grandpa helps with chores!

Which brings me back to FAMILY.   I went the next day to my kitchen table and there sets a cribbage board in my spot.   Tim and his dad had played cribbage while waiting until chore time and time to go to the doc.   And I realize how blessed I am to have such "family".   Not just those related by blood but those that are family none the less.   I stop and give thanks for special time that Tim spent with his Dad.   Those moments that we should all cherish.   Time spent with our kids who came to help out!  

And as I sit at my kitchen table I realize how blessed I am.   I think that the day before Tim and his father were here at this table spending time.   The days before my precious granddaughter sat in her special chair at that very spot.   Surrounded by my kids and husband.   And I think in that chair it was where my mom used to sit when she would come over and I think how this kitchen table is such a symbol of what is important to me in my life.   My time with God, my time with family, and time with friends!    I am so blessed.

The shepherd is healing up even though I am driving "greeny" (clutch) and still helping doing chores....another blog in and of itself!!!   So thanks for all the prayers and offers of help.   We are blessed indeed!   lyp

Gotta love that Firecracker and her P-PA!

I had written this earlier and was going to look back over it before I posted it.   But in between times, I found out that a very special man, Curtis Ball, passed away tonight.   I went to be with FAMILY!    Another reminder of the fact that we do not know how long we have...but watched a special family continue to bond together loving a special "shepherd" in their life!   God be with you!   lyp


  1. Oh, yes, helping your husband do chores! Some days I think that it will strengthen your marriage, and other days I think it could end a marriage! HA Been there done that! I remember years ago when we lived on Squirrel Creek. Tony sprained his ankle (BAD!) and had irrigation water to change. There he was on crutches instructing me on what to do! If I recall, that was a "could end your marriage" chore day, week, month..... Don't remember how long it went on! Another fun one is trying to hear what they are yelling while you are driving the pickup and they are feeding cake or hay off of the back! Hope Tim recupes quickly! And like you said, we both are very blessed to have family close by always willing to help and lend a hand! Couldn't do without them!

  2. I love reading your posts, it makes me feel like I have visited you during those times. Izzy sure is getting big, what a cutie.