Wednesday, February 16, 2011

She loves her baby...

So my inspiration today came from the shepherd.   I am going with him to the doctor today to get his "nose job" check up kind of thing.   Decided that I would just work a little from home and not drive down in time to drive back.  Okay Okay I am getting back to my inspiration just giving  you a little setting of why I am here blogging and not working!   

Anyway the shepherd sent me this picture titled "She loves her new baby".

You might look at this and think this baby looks nothing like its mama!   But this mama loves this baby.  A few days ago, this first calf heifer lost her own baby during the birthing process.   She was one that mourned for her lost baby and would just wail almost at the side of her lost calf.    Well the shepherd who has a soft spot for Holsteins and loves when a mama can raise a baby, heads off to a nearby dairy with his dad at his side and comes bringing this trophy baby home.   Well the mama loved it right away almost.   Which is not always a common thing.   

But as I was walking across the yard from receiving this picture on my phone...I drifted off as I sometimes do...And it made me think of some of those special people I know that have different mothers than the one who gave birth to them...but mothers that love them so very much!    I also thought of  those who I think of as family that some might say they are not blood...but they are deeper than that they are heart!   So I thank the shepherd for sharing this pic and so happy for this little baby.   Also, thankful for all those mama's that love no matter what!

In fact to add to this story...Tim let this little guy out to pasture with his new mama and he said he just started running.   Being from a dairy and confined all his life...this new found freedom was a miracle in itself not counting having a mama who chased right after him saying I love you baby of mine!!


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