Monday, February 14, 2011


I have seen all kinds of takes on Valentine's Day today...some love the day....some dislike....some it makes sad....some think a waste.

I think I have always LOVED Valentine's Day and I haven't always had a Valentine but I just like the thought of a day dedicated to Love is how I looked at it.   I can see the sadness from those who want a "Valentine" but to me it is just another chance to say I Love You!

So I am taking the opportunity with my very favorite Chapter...

I seen kind of cool deal today...Bill I'm stealing it from you...

For GOD So loVed the world, thAt he gave his onLy begotten son, that whosoEver believeth iN him should noT perIsh, but have everlastiNg lifE.


So love to you all whether you love the day or not!!


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