Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Aye Yi Yi...

So took another sick/snow day.  I had one person say SICK OF SNOW day?    I have mostly just been fighting off the coughing, headaches, and this morning it felt as though someone may have kicked me in the stomach...I am sure it wasn't the shepherd because that would have required him to be in bed to do so.   I think he spent a lot of time just hanging out at the barn...and checking the temperature!  (I think it stayed at a fairly consistent 18 below on the old mercury thermometer). 

I may have mentioned this a time or two but I am married to an EXTREME weather fan!  Anything that has to do with weather...count him in.   I think I have a new idea---WEATHER BOCK...on the idea of Facebook but you are only allowed to speak of weather.   Tim gets on Facebook but his favorite part is when others tell what there weather is in their "neck of the woods".

His favorite television personality is Jim Cantore on the Weather Channel or as I call him Joe Cantrell...Well I must say he has had plenty of it to keep him occupied...just not much time to watch it as he is living it!!   Since I have weathered the storm mostly from the confines of my home,  (Yes right near my kitchen table!)  I have not taken in much of the cold.

However, this morning I went out to help load up some heifers (because as some of you know heifers kind of are like me...not always do what they are supposed to do...not always want what you want them to want...but they clearly think they know what they are doing or at least try to fake it!!    So I layer up (no I didn't put on coveralls as I know they are an essential if out in it for long but they seem to make me claustrophobic--don't ask me why--but I was layered up well).   I look out my kitchen window at my little windmill that helps me know to which way the wind doth blow...and it is not turning.   I don't buy it and know that the house is breaking the wind.   Well walking to the barn...I am facing east so still not really feeling it.   We load the heifers and I decide that I can go get the mail since I am bundled up.   Bo and I take off and hit the road, and as we turn west towards the mailbox I get my HELLO WORLD moment.   That wind she is a cold one!   I do not know how those of you who are working out in it do it--but you do!  

I am on sheep patrol while the shepherd/cowboy is gone.   I sent a memo out that all babies should wait until later to make their grand entrance...I hope they all get it!!!   As I am sure the shepherds do too.

So please stay warm as I know there is a lot more snow further east...but I think spring is coming.  The sun is shining and warmer weather is in the forecast...because we know Jim Cantore wouldn't let us down!   Better go make my rounds...


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