Thursday, November 7, 2013

Libby's Sunset

This morning I read a post by my cousin's I suppose that makes her my cousin removed or some such thing...she is family...and Brenda represents family to me in a special way.   She talks of her sister-in-law Libby who left way too young...leaving behind a husband and two precious babies...Brenda posted...

"Day 7 November 7......Today I am thankful for kids. Not only my kids but all my nieces and nephews as well! The young minds remind us daily what life is about when we adults are so busy! In particular today Bradley and Angelina! Four years ago today they lost their mother! What an amazing mother she was! She definitely lives on through these two! I know she is so proud of Dallas and all the hard work he puts in to take care of these kiddos! I definitely know without a doubt she watches over them! "I learned that family is important and to treasure each day you have together because you never know what will happen". ---Bradley Hoyle"
With it she posted the song...Somewhere over the Rainbow by Iz...I have always loved this song and I remember watching a video made by another sister Kristy that though I did not know Libby I saw a glimpse into an amazing woman and mother...
So this had been in my thoughts and then tonight some of you may have seen AMAZING SUNSET...and so you know me I went and caught some pictures and was taken in by the moon (which reminds me whenever I see it night or day...of the verse in Jeremiah 29:13--And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.")  and just the beauty of the sunset seemed to take my breath away...and so I went in to finish up working and as I have maybe said Pandora is set pretty random but just as I had went in...the above song came on...and I just felt a connection almost.   And I thought perhaps that was Libby's sunset...a gift from God to her family that said...I love you!
And so I post this picture in here though it may not capture the amazingness of the view...I share it with Brenda...a aunt...who chose to move across the country to love her brother and his honor her "sister" Libby and continue to share love with others...and so I put on this favorite verse...and for this family my prayer is that faith, hope, and love will continue to abide in them.   Love across country...and love across boundaries that we may not understand!

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