Sunday, September 1, 2013

And another year has passed...Hope it was a good one...

A good day...hung out with the shepherd...went to get the mail this morning (forgot it yesterday) and so I hopped on my bike and as I headed out decided I would ride down to the corner as it was such a nice cool morning.   When I returned home there he sat on the porch swing and he says, "you ride your bike on my grass."   It is at that time I feel like the little Dennis the Menace but in my usual way of doing probably not the politically correct thing...I hop off my bike and push it across the grass and start to take it up the step.  However, I had newspapers and mail in my hand...and so the one who was giving me a hard time...helped me push it up the stairs.    We then just sat on the front porch swing...and as we sat there I thought that it looked like it was raining...not a hard one and if  you looked just right you could see it.   Then you could hear it and finally you could smell it.   And I thought these are the we sat there swinging on the front porch...Bo the dog laying at my feet...I should say ON my feet.   UNTIL...Sweetie gave alert that there was someone around that should not be.  Still not sure who was coming down the field road...BUT that is Sweetie's road and since she is in the pen...she alerts Bo who then chases down whom or whatever is causing problem.  And just as quickly as it came...the moment had changed.

In our conversations...we talked of how a year ago we were busy cooking wedding beef!    Yes it has been a  year since Autumn and Andy got married.    Where has that time gone?

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!  Autumn and Andy...

I look back at the pictures and I see Patrick and was here that they told us they were expecting...and now there is one precious little Parker.    I look at Amy and Jake and they now have precious little Boston.   I look at the change in Izzy.  Mike is now engaged to Liz.   Precious memories of a special day of wedding beef...well I guess wedding beef was us...but much more for Autumn and Andy.   What a difference a year can make!  Today...T-bones on the grill for two...instead of two PLUS SEVERAL!

Moments as these...days as this one...they are what you treasure...much like the dandelion that came to mind as I was reading in James 4 the other day...So I put them together.   So Happy Anniversary Autumn and Andy...may you have many more!   A reminder that these days are gifts...treasure them!

So again God bless you on your anniversary...and for all of us...cherish these days!    Well I guess those CSU fans...Heather and Lance took in the Rocky Mountain Showdown against CU...these are moments that one can let go...but keep the other ones.   And earlier I went to pack my lunch when it hit me...I have another day off.  So Happy Labor Day as well!   Guess I am still on my bike ride...

Sweet dreams and so thankful for this day!!!   TTFN!


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