Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad

And another year has passed...and it is already my dad's birthday again.   Dad...not sure I remember calling him daddy or definitely not father...He was "DAD"!    And later Hoopee...

I was thinking of my dad this morning thinking of his age he would be 76...but I was thinking about how I am now the age he was when he died.   My granddaughter is the age that my son was when he died...I have a picture on my mantel that my mom gave to us with a note dad had written to us in his last days...I love this picture...
The writing below it is somewhat hard to make out but considering how he was...amazing that he could write it...
To my friends and beloved family.
I am so sorry to stop now
Please explain to the little
one the body can
only take so much
and found its limits
I will see you all in heaven
because we belong to God
Heather Lance Kids and Wife
Enjoy life to the most.
Love ya
I figure up that it has been 24 years since he left us...and the pain of him leaving isn't as raw as it once was...but how I would have liked for his grandkids to have known him better...Though I still think his love reaches us all...and they know him in ways of having certain traits that can be traced right back to him.
And so Kendra had shared this song today...and I thought of how I wonder about heaven...that because of Jesus...I will see my dad son-in-law...and you know I hope they are all dancing in heaven...
This song Dancing in the Sky by Dani and Lizzy...and you can feel the emotion of one who has lost one they love...but the beauty and hope of heaven...
So I stop and say Happy Birthday Hoopee...we think of you and miss you.   We are thankful for the man you became!   
Love ya,

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