Monday, May 13, 2013

Candlelight Vigil

A year ago we were in the Washington D.C. area for Police Week as my favorite son-in-law's name was being placed on the memorial wall for fallen officers.   Tonight Tim and I watched the live stream of this memorial.  Honoring those officers lost in takes way too long!    I know there are some that think that it might be better not to think on this...but it is something that I seem to get  a nudge to do.   Too often we do not stop and think of the good...of those who do good...of those who love with no greater love than to lay their lives down.   Or just sometimes remember those that have went on ahead of us...with a laugh...a tear...

So I went through the pics and realize that I have many that I would like to put in a slide show but for tonight...I put a few pics in a memory of the candle light vigil.   They showed faces of those that seemed so familiar in the sadness in their eyes...and I pray for their strength.  I see a picture of Heather holding Isabel during the slideshow at the memorial...and I realize how much one little "Peanut" has changed in a year...

The background picture was during the ceremony in which they shine a blue line across the sky...very touching...this one seemed to pick up a smoke almost in it...There are way too many names on these walls.   But I put up one picture of one little girl that is a legacy of Jay oh so many ways!!!   

But I stop and say a prayer for so many little ones that do not have their daddy's physically with them anymore...but they will have their love forever...and I was reminded of this as tonight when the memorial ended as I sit in the middle of my darkened living room watching the awe of the technology we have.  But as I looked outside I seen most amazing of course I grabbed my camera and headed out...and there with this beautiful sunset was the reminder of Jeremiah 29:13...

 "And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart."
Do you see the moon....Amazing...that the camera did not capture near the beauty that seemed to take up the whole sky!   And one just stops in AWE!   I think not just of those that have lost their lives...but those who have lost a loved one...a loved that is loved!   Prayers for strength and comfort!

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