Thursday, March 14, 2013


There is a "YOUNG" man that I know...I don't use the word YOUNG loosely!   It is always where you are in whether you think you are still young or not...but actually it is just a number!
Anyway I have known him for...well getting to be a long time...he was a Ram Handler at CSU with Lance and then they became roommates...
I have seen him as a college student...then married...and now getting pretty close a daddy!   What a way to celebrate your...well like I said it is just a number...YOU REALLY AREN'T THAT OLD PATRICK!  
Thinking of you in this next month...this next I know  you will be a great dad!!
So I caught a picture of you and your beautiful baby mama...and decide to change the color and give a "touch of gray"...
Happy Birthday Patrick!


We love you and thank you for being the special guy you are!

God Bless!!!


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