Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happy Birthday B-Bop

Today is the birthday of one of my favoritest peoples...MY NIECE BETHANY!   Since a little one she has always been my girl...given me the complimentary laugh when everyone else seemed to say what?   I wish I could have put up the slide show I did for her wedding...but can't figure out how to get the whole thing on here...But there are some favorites so I put them on and say Happy Birthday and God bless you on this special day!   

I hope you got to talk to your sweetie...I'll bet he loves me calling him that!!!   Anyway Happy Birthday Bethany I love you and miss you!!   So I add one of my favorite songs for one of my favorite people...may your little light continue to shine!!!  

So very thankful that you are my nieces...
because after all I love you to pieces!!!



Happy Birthday B-Bop!!

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