Sunday, April 17, 2011

Woo Hoo!

Yes that would be me shouting relief that I have finished my taxes!   I am not going to lie I am thankful for the extra days...for those of you that do not know why, it is Emancipation Day in Washington D.C.    Therefore, I got a couple extra days.   As most of you know...I am a PROcrastinator....I am no rookie to this crastinating stuff!!!   

However, I am wanting to work on this organization stuff.   I really need to get my "house" (house being me, my actual house, and any other houses I might have) in order.   The other day in my "God Calling" devotion it spoke of calm...but it also said:
"Pray about all, but concentrate on a few things until those are accomplished.  I am watching over you.  Strength for your daily, hourly task is provided."
How did they know that I don't focus well!   But then the NEXT day I also read in My Utmost For His Highest by Oswald Chambers...and some may say that we don't hear things in so many ways...sometimes things we aren't all that hip on anyway it says...
"If in a prayer meeting God has shown you something to do, don't say--'I'll do it'; 'do it!   Take yourself by the scruff of the neck and shake off your incarnate laziness."
Needless to taxes have been being used as an excuse not to get other things done!    So now I have this one out of the way and so...time to get busy.   I have some writing I want to do.   On my heart right now is a special book..."tell me...ABOUT MY DADDY".     I am hoping to get stories from others to include in it.  But it is one I want to work on and am excited to get going on it!   So if you have any stories...I would love to have them.   Stories of laughter, stories of love, stories of anything that would be something for a little girl to know more about her daddy.  

So I spent extra time at my kitchen table this morning...seemed to have lots to catch up on or just time there...but was interesting because I came to Psalm 92:13-15 and so I wrote it down...later I was looking at old journal entries and sometimes I look back to a year ago...Okay I had put 92:13-15 among others...but I had been lead to this a year ago to the day and also you think I am supposed to take something from it.   But in my Living Bible it reads:
"For they are transplanted into the Lord's own garden, and are under His personal care.  Even in old age they will still produce fruit and be vital and green.  This honors the Lord, and exhibits His faithful care.  He is my shelter.  There is nothing but goodness in Him!"
But what I take from this is "producing fruit and being vital and green in old age"...maybe I am feeling a little old!   But perhaps the feeling of vital and green appeals to me so much this time of year!   I think there are things that I need to be doing and so I think of getting myself by the scruff of the neck and getting to it!   So I have this need that there are things I need to do and yes some things I want to do...and I have been reminded all too well that we really do not know how much time we have!   Another thing I came across this morning was from an older writing but it was James 4:14:
"How do you know what is going to happen tomorrow?  For the length of your lives is as uncertain as the morning fog--now you see it , soon it is gone."
So I am not trying to focus on so many WHY's?   That can take up a lot of time...time I may or may not instead I am trying to figure out more important things...NO not why do I have to figure taxes!!   Again that's a WHY...I know it is a glitch in my make up!   I have been told by some that I ask way too many questions!!!

It appears that this has been quite the bike ride.  (If you are new to my blogging...I refer to my lack of focus as bike riding...there's a joke that goes with it).    I might have been rambling a tad the other day and I said no really I'm not on sinus medicine.   But my cousin Vonnie tells me that "sinus medicine for me is like putting a turbo on my bike."   Probably another good reason for me to stay away from artificial stimulants!!  But hoping to get over whatever this is but seems to be a lot of people dealing with it.   The "shepherd" and I just hung out today and covered the bare necessities...watched a movie and just coughed together...

My kids were taking in the big city of Fort Collins...hope they all had a good time.   I had told Lance to be safe and have fun but not too much fun and he starts quoting a song about can't have too much fun.   And so that was my hope for them all...I think they were due a little time having TOO MUCH FUN!!

Soooo I guess I will sign off and thanks for going on the bike ride with me!   Really I am going to get busy...quit putting off things....just as soon yeah maybe I am a little nuts...but speaking of nuts...I have this picture from the other day hanging out with Firecracker...was so cute watching her study this squirrel...wanna ride a bike...

So have a great week all of you...and here's to hoping we make the most of it...whatever the most might be!!  And you know I say why don't you just plan in your schedules some time for "TOO MUCH FUN!"


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