Monday, November 30, 2015

The next 30 years...

And baby boy is the big 3-0!    And has been a pretty exciting of his goals accomplished...his sheep have moved north!   I wonder if somewhere on that internal secret list of things...if sheep north by the time I'm 30!   Yes we moved them all on Friday...the funny farm sheepless...but so it goes...and in that list for the year...moved into your new place!   I love it and so excited you with the help of another shepherd, a special electrician, a wish he was a Wyoming cowboy, your sister and have water and power...amongst other things...

I wanted to put up something for your  birthday know another chance to say Happy Birthday.   I am blessed to be your mom and thankful for you!

I am working on something else...but it kind of is BIRTHDAY WEEK!   

So I put in just a couple...I have more to add...but these just help me say Happy Birthday and I love you!

I put in a few pics...but like I said...birthday week ;)   And it is almost bed need your beauty sleep!!!

Catching a ride to the house...Your age may be older but I still see that little boy from time to time!

Of his ice cream cake from his sister...who lay down the old 2-9...

 And so I say Happy Birthday Lance Paul...and I think the next 30 will be good as well...the entry into the next chapter...of the sheep's new home...Life is Good LaLa...Life is good!

God bless you my son and I am thankful for being able to share these 30 years...or I heard it might be 22!


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