Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Blue balloons to Heaven...Raise em up...

The weekends always seem to fly by...this one seemed to go extra fast.  Time with special friends all the way from Odessa and Denver...then some time with family working with the cattle...enjoyed you Wilsons and thanks for the help...then hitched a ride to Limon getting a little more time with my friend Denise...and though running late I had her drop me off to find out whether Andy and Autumn were having a boy or a girl.   For those who don't know who they might be...Autumn is Jay's baby sister...his only sister who in her phone has Andy Jay's friend...yes Andy a friend of Jay and then married Jay's sister.   Each hold a special place in my heart and special aunt and uncle to one certain Firecracker!

When I got there I thought the cake had been cut so I asked Izzy  and those with her if the cake was pink or blue...I was told it was chocolate!    So I headed on in to find out more about this chocolate baby or what had been revealed...only to find out they had not yet revealed...with the reveal to be done with a cake to be cut and a box!

Andy serious about his cake cutting responsibilities...and ready I think to share with others...what they had known for a while...

Autumn in charge of the box...and what was in the box...BALLOONS...and you say well what color...though you may have already figured out...Autumn looking cute with her baby bump and mama glow...

And as I took it in I couldn't help but think of who actually got these two together well I should say introduced them and so I find a favorite pic of Autumn and Jay...the reason why a bit tired in this pic...well it was the night Izzy was born and I can't help but think how Jay's love was a part of this time together...and Autumn I am guessing you will see glimpses in that sweet little one coming your way!!!

Jay Bird sporting one of his favorite outfits...and I have to say...I felt his love there and then I watched as the blue balloons were taken out...and going back and looking at pictures...I couldn't help but think of one little Miss of my favorite picture of my favorite girls.   I have a connection to that little one.   Partially I suppose because I think of her daddy as being Jay's friend...Jay's "rookie"...her mama and daddy (Amy and Jake) both special friends to my daughter and I claim as my kids.    Athough this day was for Autumn and Andy...I know they both were wishing along with us all that we could have that guy there...adding to the party...but I think of this circle of life...a baby boy coming along.

And I go back to Miss Boston.   She first had "Aunt" Heather (my daughter) go outside with her and her blue balloon...she let it go...


She then was working on getting her dad to go out with her and her new blue balloon.    She ended up walking over by me as though looking for something...I asked if she wanted to come to me and instead grabbed my hand and started taking me to the door...allowing me to document what she was about to share in connecting these special blue balloons!

And then Boston let it go...and her expressions...and then her Grandma and Daddy were asking where it went...but I couldn't help but balloons going to if to's a boy Uncle Jay!    I can't help but think the little ones have an intuition and connection that many do not understand.   I suppose some can think that crazy old woman...but I still hold that love transcends all and I am sure there is a guy in heaven...excited to have a baby boy join the family!

This just made me smile as this was the expression of Boston when she was asked where did it go...

And with blue balloons that remained...I captured Izzy just loving life with her blue balloon...she going to have a new cousin!!!

I wanted to put pictures from this day to music and though had found a still hadn't fit and then this morning while flicking I heard a song I am loving and thought it was a perfect will see if I can put these pics in to Keith Urban with Eric Church singing Raise Em Up...and I think about this life just going on...and I say congratulations Autumn and Andy...prayers for you both during this time and also for the new chapter that your life will hold!   You have been blessed...always remember what a gift these children are and....RAISE EM UP!!!


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