Wednesday, September 10, 2014

She loved me from the start...

Today the birthday of one of my favorite red niece husband's sister's of...

I reflect on her and I picture a little red head and remember clear the first time I met her.   From the first time we met...we clicked...she liked me from the start...even if I made her mom sick to her stomach...because her mom said she knew I was the one her brother would be marrying...probably still make her queasy at times!

But I picture this little red head who had the cutest smile.   I found a picture but am having technical difficulties so if I can get it scanned tomorrow...I will put it back in.    I remember "Mushy" spending the night with us when not very old.   I hope she doesn't mind putting her nickname but I hold it as a name of endearment!   Always been one to give love and I smile now of her and her husband.   The Good Lord found her the perfect match.   And I am thankful that he tolerates me as well.   In fact even has hung with me through some wedding photo shoots.   My kids got me a camera like Jeff's so if problems...I could call which I do.   I know it isn't Jeff's birthday but he and Tonya are a pair...a package deal.

So I say Happy Birthday and love you and thank you for loving me from the I have loved you!

I do have some other pics that don't require scanning...might be a little older pic...but one of my faves!



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