Wednesday, October 16, 2013

30....Just a number...

And so today another hits the big 3-0!   Several of those 1983 Blessings!   Happy Birthday have joined many others and I think it is always better when you have so many that have climbed that hill before you...and know there are others who are hot on your heels and will be there sooner than they think.

When you are a little one...even a teenager...30 seems almost ancient!    However, when you are looking a the big picture...or looking at in your rear-view mirror...30 is just getting started.   You have the advantage of gaining a little wisdom but still in your youth. 

Was fun getting to celebrate with Kristy the other night and a few friends...I took pics for her sister who couldn't be there...and I loved the creativity to come up with a 50 - 20 cake (delicious I might add)...So I add another one in the 30 club or is it 28?   One of the perks of turning have "old friends" right there with you.

Mary (Kristy's mama) shared some pics of when Kristy was an itty bitty baby...and her daddy is looking at her with a special I include one that I took the other night...and love that after ALL THESE YEARS ;)   He still loves that precious little can see it in his smile...and it is pretty obvious how your mama thinks of you!

So blessed to have such special ones in my life.   And I have said it is just a can make it a sad number or a just beginning a new season number...and if you hang around with some of us who have a little bit higher numbers...(you will feel all the younger)...not mentioning any names even though I would not "date" these two women!

Of course there were a couple others who might never get old...

I love that this guy just gave up and took it upon his self!   Glad  you gave us a reason for celebration you also got to share this CELEBRATION of life a few months back in San Antonio...hanging out with family...friends...George...strawberry shortcake...did I say George?   I love that I got to take in on the gifts that your sister and my son gave their sisters for this special age!   SO AGAIN I SAY...Happy birthday!!!


 I better get this up before your day is over...but I say just keep celebrating!  lyp

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