Thursday, July 25, 2013

Purple peppers...

We have become ones who think that we are owed something...thinking that we deserve more than we get...I say WE pointing 4 fingers back at myself.  I sit here at my kitchen table pondering all of the world's problems...okay not the whole world...just my world!    And I read on my Kasey Jo calendar...okay you can call it Charles Stanley's if you want (BUT I got it from Kasey Jo and I think of her every time I read it!)    However, it seems to talk right out loud to me...

"Jesus described the Holy Spirit as our Helper, our Counselor, our Advocate.  He is not described as the One who will do everything for us and require nothing of us.  An older farmer gave this advice to a younger farmer: Ask God to show you what to plant and when to plant...Then cultivate the ground, pull the weeds, and fertilize the plants as they grow.  Ask God to produce a great harvest.  Then go out and gather the harvest when it is ripe...Don't try to do God's part.  And don't expect God to do yours."

This seemed to be a part of theme for me today...or in my mind it is a I am reading Good Habits and Bad Habits or something on that order by Joyce Meyers...This morning I read on happiness.   Of how we can NOT depend on others to make us happy.  They are not responsible for our happiness...and much of happiness is choosing to be.   I know that we do not always have happiness...that life can seem that it is not what we had "planned".   Which makes me think of another calendar from yesterday...though it was the day before...I read yesterday's the day before and so then I realize that I had missed the day before's and so I read it yesterday...

DO YOU UNDERSTAND what it is like living within this you know why I am always on a bike ride...but you know...often when one is on a bike you are taken back to that little girl that is carefree...and even on my exercise bike...I can close my eyes and I am riding the country road to Grandma Bessie's...sunflowers lining the ditches...the cool breeze blowing in my face as I can go as fast as my legs will carry see Grandma Bessie lived at the bottom of the hill!   Or I am back at Lake Lodge with Ernie chasing me and my dog chasing him...perhaps that is why I love bikes...oh yeah...that wasn't what I was talking about...

…”The Holy Spirit speaks to neutral hearts. By that, I don’t mean passive or indifferent hearts. God gave us the ability to dream dreams and make plans. Many of the Old and New Testament leaders were men and women of vision and ambition. By neutral, I mean being consumed with discovering what pleases the Holy Spirit rather than working to convince Him of the wisdom and brilliance of our plans. I’m afraid many of us pray with the goal of talking God into things rather than trying to discover His will. As a result, we never hear HIM.”

How many besides me are guilty of this one...trying to convince God...YOU know LORD...I know YOU are really busy and so wouldn't it be best IF...But I am reminded of one of my favorite verses:

"For I know the plans I have for you declares the LORD.  Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."   Jeremiah 29:11

I have been giving thought of what is my "gifts" my purpose...of how can I use them...and if I use them who will want to receive them...and so this morning I go back to the calendar...that I should work on doing my part and let God do HIS!    That is sometimes easier said when either I don't want to "fertilize"  okay perhaps I do too much fertilizing...maybe I should use hoeing...I really do not enjoy that one much...but I have some hoeing to do...I have been showed what it is...but I say how about I rake instead...and I am sure GOD is sitting there and saying why in the world would you think raking would be beneficial...well I like raking better...I wonder if I make GOD dizzy as well!   So thankful for GRACE!

We have some purple peppers in our garden...we have never had purple peppers...not even sure what kind they are...I am on a mission to find out as we were given the now we have these purple peppers...but I am not sure what their purpose is...hmmm sounding familiar...Are they supposed to just be ornamental as Jimmie suggested?   Who later told me that they are edible BUT HOT!   So maybe that is gifts though somewhat limited...might just add some spice along out there...You know not just sit here being "PRETTY" as I am told by my son (This is not intended as a compliment mind you) and so one day in my defense...the Firecracker she set him straight and said, "She is not pretty!"    I have never had such a compliment!  

This is quite the rambling...a bike ride if you will...and I think about my earlier readings...of doing my part and God doing His...though HE often picks up my I guess I have some "hoeing" to do...(full disclosure...the shepherd does all the hoeing in the garden)...but I got my own "hoeing" to do...

Have a good one..."This is the day that the LORD has made...we shall rejoice and be glad in it."   Psalm 118:24

And as I go to look up the song that goes with this verse...I find instead a 1984 song (ahhh the 80's) that I don't remember well I remember the 80's somewhat but the song isn't familiar but is kind of cool in an 80's sort of way...I think it must be the accordion...for those that don't know...I took accordion lessons as a small child...not for long...not near this good...but it says this is the day your life is gonna change...WHY NOT! :)   SO GET ON YOUR BIKES AND RIDE...oh that's a different song...ttfn


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