Monday, December 1, 2014

Only 29...Happy Birthday son...tomorrow I'm taking me fishing!

And today...though almost over...I stop and say Happy Birthday to my baby boy...29 years old.   Off on a trip tomorrow for work so I decide since I didn't see him on his birthday I would make a video...this song mostly the music and Eric Church who by the way my kids gave me tickets to go with them to see...but it reminds me of Lance...and I do love this song and reminder to take some time and go "fishing"...a few pics of the last year...and actually I still had a couple left over...but these I liked with the song...

So here we go...will see if it can be done...Something to watch in your down time...and so it appears that this will be a little bit later...but afterall your gift is riding around with the FedEx guy...

 Happy Birthday LaLa Click Here

Happy Birthday my blessed to have you in my life.  I give thanks for you always!


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