Saturday, June 18, 2011

I love a rainy night...

And I end the day singing good night to Izzy as she and her mother are discussing that she needs WATER instead of POP to go to bed...And I start singing "cool clear water...water...Oh Dan can't you see that great big tree..."

Well tonight I am away from my kitchen table...I am at Firecracker's house.   After all this is Firecracker Flex Friday!   And I have to say I love those days!   And today was no different!   I got up here to Limon before Little Miss Isabel awoke and got to visit with her mom a little before she headed off to work!   Then once Izzy woke up, it took most of the morning to get her dressed.   Toddlers have their own built in clock and she is no exception...and she is trying so hard to control what little bit of the world she can she had to spend some time in her little princess night gown from Aunt Autumn...she did skip the matching pink slippers!

It is quite the transition in between times I see her and it was only a few days...However, today she was very much in NO mode!   She takes her "No" very serious and she means it.  But we did get our breakfast of scrambled eggs finished and we picked out our own the shorts might be a little big right now...our shirt was a onesey so it stayed tucked in and no baby butt crack whatsoever.   Anyway we went out to feed the which I get several "Gramma--NO--ME!"   She might be a tad independent but you know that is okay with me!   And it is even more rewarding as her mom also gets to deal with an independent daughter!   But you know they grow up to be strong independent women...the kind you admire and are so proud of.

Okay I got distracted a little...Otis just climbed up on the couch to lay down by me.   For some reason he thinks we are friends...I am guessing Jay is watching and laughing away because me and the dog are hanging out!   But I know Otis must miss him...after all Jay is the one who rescued him!

Now back to my day...after all it is getting will soon be tomorrow!   After the goats we headed to get mom for lunch...AFTER we took the truck to get the tires rotated.  In order to go we needed our baby Gretchen and our "Amy Dog Purse!"  

Although, it seems one little girl was a little tired and started to have a melt down and decided she did not want to go to Arby's.   However--we compromised on going through the drive-thru and off to the park!   An excellent choice as a beautiful day...not too hot...not too cold!   But while there--we also had the greatest entertainment...a group of boys...our own Sandlot came to the park and were playing their own game of baseball...they had tennis balls and a stick!   But was so fun watching these 10 - 12 year old boys and the dynamics of them all!  We were laughing at them....ball on the roof....ball in the which we were didn't see anything!   Izzy loved them!   I could picture them all in high school before long...and then all of a sudden they will be grown but will have these special memories of growing up in a small town...where you and your buddies get in a game before
you head to the pool!

As usual...lunch flew by and time for "Mama" to go back to work.   So we dropped her off and we headed for get a Father's Day card...and a "POP"!   We also found a few more items and we smelled several candles.   Found a Disney sing a long that has "Coming around the mountain".   A favorite she calls the mama song and pats her leg.   Gramma sings several different of the favorites is "She will say where is Bo when she comes...she will say where is Bo when she comes...she will say where is Bo...we will say we do not know...she will say where is Bo when she comes.   (Bo is our farm dog...who the Firecracker is usually more interested in than most people...she loves the animals...)  I also got her to say I....Love.....Gramma-Gramma-Gramma and pat her heart....just like we used to when we did patty cake!

Then we came home to watch our video and rocky bye the Little Miss!   And as I rocked her I thought it doesn't get much better than this as it was raining outside...RAIN.   I laugh because I got a text from Jay's mom who was on the train to Chicago...but the text she sent me just made me smile..."In Iowa, very green and lots of stuff standing in the fields I think they call it water!  It is caused by what they call rain!  Must be an Iowa substance cause we sure don't have the stuff in Colorado!"

For those from not around here...we are in desperate need of some getting to experience some was a blessing for sure!   And I hope that it hits all the grassland that desperately needs a drink as well as those fires that do not seem to want to stop!   I think of how we all need some "water" whether figuratively or literally!   I received the following from my friend Mary...

                        And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age.


pray for us.

We are as sure of your prayers
as we are that the sun will rise tomorrow.

and courage and wisdom.

We ask that you be with us all days
till the end of our days.

We ask your Spirit

Our roots

So isn't that the truth...our roots need rain.   Then I hear Pastor Al (I now have a name for the one who started me thinking of Project know "don't let the devil steal your joy!") anyway he talks about how we are trees that God has planted...planting us near the water...and I think of my thirsting soul...I think of my long time friend Phyllis and keep her and her husband Pete in my prayers as Pete got to leave the hospital today...after receiving a kidney transplant.  They are two tough people for sure!   I think of these two and how they could use some "rain" for refreshing as well...for them and for their farm!  I think of the Jerry Sullivan family who have lost a husband and father...and reading his son Shad's tribute that was nothing short of amazing!   You could tell the love that it was written with.  How they could use rain for their roots...and I think how Jerry has been lead to the "green pastures" that I am sure he has dreamt of!.
Took in supper at the local Southside with Lance, Heather, Izzy and to eat pizza and then when we left had to wade through puddles!  And so I write this out as my children and granddaughter are upstairs probably asleep...and my  husband is home alone in our bed!   Which makes me think of our song "I love a rainy night" and I so enjoy this precious rain I have been able to experience this day! 
Tomorrow is Jay's birthday!   And I think of just a year ago...celebrating with friends...his fire pit...and know that he will be in all of our thoughts!   But I also am going to have a big day with the Firecracker and maybe hang out with her Aunt my kids are going to a wedding!  Congratulations Danica and Spencer...I wish you Joy!  I think of Jake's bachelor party...of my niece Bethany planning her own wedding...and so there is lots of Joy around.    I hope to write another...but for now I stop and give thanks for the rain!  And so I close this down...with the train and the thunder serving as background...and I realize that tomorrow is now today and so I say Happy Birthday Jay!

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  1. Beautiful! I love the way you tell us not only what is occurring but also what is in your soul. You have a wonderful soul dear one.